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Reebok CrossFit Roppongi – CrossFit

Today’s workout YouTube video:

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Metcon (No Measure)

L-Sit Progression

V-Sit Stretch with Wall: 2 sets of 1:00

1) Hands shoulder width apart

2) Fingers pointing behind you

3) Prop feet against and move hips as close to wall as possible

4) Knees locked out throughout stretch

Hollow Hold (Tuck): 2 sets of 1:00

1) Knees/feet together

2) Shoulders and legs off ground (lower back intact with floor)

3) Arms by sides

4) Keep eyes on knees

Hollow Hold: 2 sets of 1:00

1) Shoulders and feet off ground

2) Lower back fully engaged on ground

3) Arms fully extended shoulder width apart overhead

4) Knees/feet together and tight

5) Neutral head position

Hollow Rocks: 3 sets of 10

1) Fully extended hollow position, lower back in contact with floor

2) Legs straight, squeezing tight

3) Body moves as one piece, no hinging at the hips or shoulders

Tuck Hold on Floor: 2 sets of 1:00

1) Start in a seated tucked position

2) Knees toward chest

3) Reach arms straight forward

4) Maintain balance

Compression Sit-up: 3 sets of 8

1) Sit-up under control

2) Try to keep feet on the floor

3) Finish with elbows locked out

4) Curl back down

5) Slow down to increase difficulty

Compression Sit-Up to Pancake: 3 sets of 8

1) Knees locked

2) Work to keep feet in contact with the ground through sit-up action

3) Feet straddled to 90 degrees

4) Slow and controlled. Finish in pancake position before returning back to lay down position.

Seated Pike Up Hold: 2 sets of 20 seconds

Straddle Ups: 2 sets of 20 seconds

Straddle Over: 3 sets of 5 in-and-outs


Gymnastics – 8 sets of :20 ON/:10 OFF:

Odd – Hollow Hold

Even – Arch/Superman Hold

Scale time domain as needed if you can’t hold unbroken for the entire time.

Met-con – Every 1:00 x 8 sets:

Odd – 5 Burpees + Max Reps Bear Complex

Even – 5 Burpees + Max Reps Mountain Climbers

Get after it and go hard. Alternate between the two couplets each minute.

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