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[New Programming]

Period: From October to January

Goal (Level 3): Practice all of the skills seen in the CrossFit Games Open

[About Cube Method]

Unlike so many of the other programs that we’ve reviewed thus far, Brandon Lilly actually designed The Cube Method for powerlifting!

Essentially, Lilly had become fed-up with the never-ending carousel of bands, chains, and movements that is Westside Barbell programming; Lilly had become fed-up with overreliance on powerlifting gear; Lilly had become fed-up with thinking harder than he was working.

The program is run in three week waves. Each week, you rotate the type of work you do on each of the main movements. In Week One, you might do speed work for the squat. In Week Two, you might do rep work. In Week Three, you’d finish off with heavy work. During each training week, each lift is trained in a different style. That is, you never go heavy on two movements in the same week nor do you ever do speed work on two main movements in the same week. Everything is rotated and waved throughout the three week cycles.


Back Squat (3 sets of 12 @ 70% )

Across. Heavy as possible.

All Levels

Level 3

1.5xBW 1RM BS

Level 2


Level 1

0.75xBW BS

Good Mornings

Heavy as possible.

All Levels


201003 (5 Rounds for reps)

Level 3

5 x 2-minute rounds of:

20 dumbbell box step-ups

Max reps of dumbbell push presses

Rest 2 minutes between rounds

♀ 35-lb. DBs and 16-in. box

♂ 50-lb. DBs and 20-in. box

Targeted score: 5 x more than 20 reps (Rx)

Level 2

♀ 26-lb. DBs and 16-in. box

♂ 35-lb. DBs and 20-in. box

Level 1

20 Single Dumbbell Box Step-ups

Max reps of Single-Arm Dumbbell Push-presses

*Switch the arm as needed.

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