Reebok CrossFit Roppongi – CrossFit


Metcon (Calories)

In a 15-Minute Window:

Max Calorie Assault Bike

Every 3 Minutes [Starting at 0:00]:

100 Meter Farmers Carry (50’s/35’s)

10 Wallballs (20/14)
We’ll finish out the week with a triplet workout that revolves around calories on the bike

Over the 15-minutes of work, the goal is to complete as many calories as possible on the Assault Bike

However, two weightlifting movements will halt your progress towards accumulating calories

Every 3 minutes, starting at the 0:00 on the clock, you’ll complete the listed work of farmers carry and wallballs

Once that work is completed, you’ll hop on the bike for as many calories as possible with the time remaining

New rounds begin every 3 minutes (0-3-6-9-12)

You can expect for the carries and wallballs to take around 1:30, giving you equal time (1:30) on the bike

Your final score is total calories on the bike

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